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Shim and the Hollywood Rebellion Customized Merchandise!

You can now customize Shim and The Hollywood Rebellion merchandise! Pick any of the graphics listed here and customize your product the way you want. You can also add any text you would like. Maybe some of my lyrics? Your favorite quote? Let my design team put together your one of a kind item!

  1. Choose the product you wish to customize by browsing the store. Please use the exact product title as shown in the store, including item color and size, when sending your design information. Disregard existing product graphics, availability and prices! Do Not purchase the product at this time!
  2.  Each item you select will have a pre-set number of print fields for graphics or text. Store pictures and sample pictures provided represent average availability. Select a large and small graphic to start. Each graphic will represent a print field and can be added or switched with text. In the reply email from us, we’ll let you know approximate print fields for your product. Send your product choice with size, color, graphic selections and exact text wording, if you select that option, by filling out the form below.
  3. Once the design team receives your design information you will be emailed with any design elements that require additional information, such as graphic placements, text wording or text placements. My design team will layout your product to the specifications provided and send you an exact mock-up of what it will look like. You will also be asked to verify the price of your custom item and send a request to print. All design changes must be made before a request to print, once approved no changes will be accepted.
  4. We will email you a special link with instructions to finalize your purchase at my store for your customized merchandise!

Fine print.

All sales are final! Hallelujah and Crucified merchandise is not eligible for customization. A $5.00 design fee will also be charged for each customized product. Additional design fees may be incurred when warranted. We reserve the right to reject any graphic or wording.

Graphic files and price list:

Please note: Graphics are in Black or White. Backgrounds are colored only to show detail and shading. Graphics shown are for visual reference only. Images may vary slightly and are not to scale. 

Graphics 1 to 5 can be used on any print area. Large Graphic = $15        Small Graphic = $8






 Graphics #5 to #8 are for shoulder print and small print areas only. $5 each.






Graphics #9 to #12 are for long sleeves and pant legs = $10. Graphics #13 to #18 can be used on most print areas. Large graphics = $15, small graphics = $8.













Shim signature graphic = $8 for medium and small print areas.